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My name is Tabatha and I started this blog as a way to jot down my journey. I love adventure, nature, and photography. I graduated college last April with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Piedmont College in Demorest, Georgia. I spent my college years studying and now that I’m done with school I am ready to get out and explore! My Goal in life is to travel with my husband at my side to as many places as I can to see God’s beautiful creation before I die. My plan for this blog is to share this journey with the world mainly through photographs because I am not so good with my words!

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Tennessee Rock Trail at Black Rock Mountain State Park

In November 2017, my husband and I decided to take a spontaneous hiking trip! I got out of work early and wanted to adventure. Black Rock Mountain State Park isn’t too far from where I live, So I grabbed my husband and we decided to check it out! This beautiful state park is in Clayton, Georgia and has several other hiking trails, however we were running out of daylight and could only do one short hike, so we picked Tennessee Rock Trail. This trail was described as an “easy-to-moderate 2.2 mile hike” on the map. I am so glad we picked this trail because it was SO BEAUTIFUL! We found out that Black Rock Summit was on this trail and the views were breathtaking! One day we will go back and hike the other trails! Enjoy the pictures below.


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Raven Cliff Falls

I made another trip to Raven Cliff Falls to practice my photography skills on manual setting. Raven Cliff Falls Trail is a 4.9 moderately rated hike in Helen, Ga. It has beautiful views with a waterfall at the end. Below are some shots I took along the trail:

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Springer Mountain Loop

On October 16th 2017, I drove to Ellijay, Georgia to meet up with my friend to hike Springer Mountain Loop, which is apart of the Appalachian Trail. This loop was stated to be a difficult 4.75 mile long trail, so I brought plenty of water and my pack.

A good bit of the drive up the mountain is on a gravel forest service road. It was a fun and beautiful drive up the mountain. I drove my little pick-up truck and it seemed to make it okay, but I’d be careful taking small cars or vehicles that are low to the ground due to several “pot holes” in the road.

It was a pretty chilly October day up on this mountain, so I wore my puffy jacket and I was just fine. My friend and I started hiking and got lost in conversation not knowing that we somehow managed to switch trails. Somewhere we jumped onto the Benton MacKaye Trail. We turned around and eventually got back on track. We ended up doing roughly 10 miles on this trip. So future warning for those hiking this area, PAY ATTENTION and have a map because it is easy to get “lost” out here. We still had a great time and saw beautiful views!

But man, what a view!

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Time To Catch Up…

So before I begin.. I would like to share with you where I have been so far in the year 2017:

In April 2017, My Husband and I went to Cloudland Canyon State Park to celebrate his birthday. We camped out at one of the backcountry campsites for one night. It is roughly a 2 mile hike to the campsite, depending on which campsite you get. The next morning, we hiked the 1 mile Overlook Trail, the 2 mile Waterfalls Trail, and the 5 mile West Rim Loop Trail. The waterfalls were beautiful! There are two: Cherokee Falls and Hemlock Falls. Hemlock Falls requires you to walk down 600 stairs! It was well worth it! And the views from the West Rim Loop Trail were breathtaking! I would consider myself a beginner in photography. I normally use the auto function on my Canon Rebel, but now I am ready to play around with the manual mode!

I also hiked Raven Cliff Falls Trail in April of 2017. Raven Cliff Falls Trail is near Helen, Ga. It is a moderate 4.9 mile round-trip hike.

In May of 2017, my husband and I hiked Laurel Ridge Trail in Buford, Ga. This trail is near Buford Dam Park. Such a beautiful hike! It is an easy 3.8 mile trail that has several places to stop and eat, use the restroom, swim, and play. We stopped at one spot and relaxed in our ENO hammock 🙂

July of 2017 My husband and I hiked at Crowders Mountain State Park in North Carolina. Day 1, we hiked the easy lake, fern, and turn-back trails first, had lunch, and then hiked the backside and tower trails. We hiked anywhere from 8-10 miles on day 1. We camped at one of the back-country sites, which is first come first serve.  Day 2, we hiked the Pinnacle and Ridgeline trails. The Pinnacle was probably my favorite. Make sure to bring plenty of water to this place because there aren’t too many places to get water on the trails. We were so tired after day 2, hiking a total of roughly 16 miles!!

In August 2017, I took some friends to one of my favorite local hikes: Mount Yonah in Cleveland, GA. This is a difficult, steep 4.4 mile hike. You WILL sweat! But the views make this hike well worth it!  Bring plenty of water on this hike as well! I haven’t camped on Mount Yonah yet, but I plan to in the future. There are several spots to set up camp here.

That’s all the main hiking I have done so far this year. My goal is to at least hike once a week, even if it is an easy hike. I still need some gear for the longer hikes such as a Jet Boil cooking system and Sawyer Water Filtration System.

Until next time…